Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reactor or Responder

This morning coming into work, how many of you were behind someone that should not have a valid state issued driver's license?  Did you ignore them, thinking that they are preoccupied with something that happen this morning or last night or did you (as I would) give them the "look" and gesture to them that they need to move over or just get off the road.

We live in a world of get it done two day ago and how many projects/customers can we juggle at one time, and oh by the way be nice to them. 

Let me define the words reactor and responder.  When we react to a person or situation that other person or situation is in control. When we respond to outside influences we are in control.  Let me give you an example and you can answer whether you would react or respond.

Again, driving into work and you are behind that person that should not be driving are you getting upset or just letting it go?  You finally get into work and before you even get to your desk and your coat off you are met by a co-worker (interanl customer) asking for this, that and the other thing.  Next you are now on the phone (the receiver is attached to your ear) and your co-worker comes over and asks "are you on the phone?" which you say nicely "yes".  Does this person leave, no, they stand there and hover until we put the customer on hold and then with disdain on our face and a tone in our voice we ask "WHAT?" to have them then say "I will come back when you are in a better mood". 

Are you in a reactive or responsive mode?

Welcome to the working world or the world in general.  Whether you are in production, sales, customer service, administration, IT or delivery we are all hit from every angle everyday which causes us to react and give the "look" or the tone of our voice is percieved as "barking".  Having been in the training field for over twenty seven years I have found that we will treat complete strangers better than we will treat people we work with, we will treat people we work with better than we treat people we live with.  If you have ever been out publicly and bumped into a complete stranger most of us would say "excuse me", when a family member bumps into us we bark "watch where you are going and can you put your phone down". 

From an internal customer view, do you work with a negative person?  I am talking negative, the person who brightens the room when they leave it.  This is the person when we see their car in the parking lot our first thought is "they are here today".  Have you stopped saying "good morning or good afternoon" to another person because their answer is "what's so good about it" or "I guess because I am above ground"?  If you have welcome to the world of reacting, if you want to be happy at work please be happy.  Most people wake up in the morning to say "good morning Lord" these people wake up and say "good Lord it is morning".  The glass is not half full to them it is dirty.

Again, think about the last couple of days both professionally and personally and think have I been reacting or responding to things.  Use the 80/20 rule, what are the 20% of the things in your life that cause you 80% of your grief.  It seems to be the same things or the same people over and over that cause our reaction.  What are your 20%? 

Let me know your thoughts.